Lesbian Golden Showers

Lesbian Golden Showers
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Format- High definition MP4 video
Alisha and Nikko get wet and kinky in bed in this sexy video.
For this video we join Nikko and Alisha in bed.  Wearing only their panties they make out and grind against each other. Nikko massages Alisha's bladder making her have to pee.
When Nikko confesses to Sosha that she has to pee, Alisha asks Nikko to pee on her.  Nikko is happy to oblige, positioning herself over Alisha and peeing through her panties onto Alisha's crotch.
After peeing on Alisha Nikko dismounts and lays beside her on the bed.  Both girls, now with saoked panties, proceed to masturbate in their wet underwear.
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