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Welcome to the new FetishVidStore.  Back in 2008, I started the website HD Wetting, then, later on, I launched HD Diapers.  Almost from the beginning, there was a demand to purchase individual scenes for download, instead of buying a membership.  As a result, I launched FetishVidStore to sell clips individually.

As time went on, the software that ran the old FetishVidStore fell behind.  The work in keeping up the site was too much, and I had to eventually shut it down.  It was always my intent to bring it back.  So now, I am happy to announce, we are back and the site has been completely overhauled.

However, this means all of the content needs to be reuploaded again.  Between HD Wetting and HD Diapers, we are dealing with well over a thousand high definition videos.  Making all those videos available for purchase is going to take quite some time.

Rather than just randomly add videos, I thought it would be best to prioritize based on what people want.  If you would like to purchase a single scene from either HD Wetting or HD Diapers, please fill out the form below to request it.  I will do my best to add all requests as soon as possible.


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