Public Wetting Accidents Volume 2 - Blu-ray

Public Wetting Accidents Volume 2 - Blu-ray
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Format: High Definition Blu-ray
Running Time: 75 minutes
Resolution: 1080p
Audio: English Stereo PCM



Volume 2 of Public Wetting Accidents features 26 sexy scenes of young women pissing their pants in public.  If Volume 1 wasn't enough for you here is another 75 minutes of girls wetting themselves in public.

Watch Sammy as she walks through a public park.  Desperate to pee and with no where to go she is forced to drop her pants in squat in the open in full view of passers by.  Then watch Mikki, desperate to pee in the car she is relieved that we finally reach a rest area.  She rushes to the bathroom only to find the door locked.  Unable to hold it a moment longer she pisses in her jeans.

Sosha also puts on quite a show in this video.  Watch as she almost gets caught wetting her pants on a busy pedestrian overpass. Haydee wets her pants in public for the first time, Roxanne can't get the bathroom door open, Mikki soaks her jeans at a gas station, and much, much more!

Scene List:

  1. Caught in the bathroom
  2. Busy Street Wetting
  3. Elevator Accident
  4. The Duck Pond
  5. Another Rest Area Accident
  6. Waterfront Sneaky Pee
  7. Wetting on the Overpass
  8. Parking Lot
  9. Peeing After Dark
  10. Summer Skirt Public Pee
  11. Empty Parking Lot
  12. Almost Getting Caught
  13. Public Toilet Wetting
  14. "Water" Slide
  15. Leaking on the Trail
  16. Waiting for the Bus
  17. Locked Public Toilet
  18. The Port-a-Potty
  19. Haydee's Public Wetting
  20. Peeing on the Stairs
  21. The Storm
  22. Haydee's Rest Stop Accident
  23. Wet Road
  24. Mikki at the Gas Station
  25. Night in the City
  26. All Natural Peeing


This video comes in a plain, brown, padded envelope.  The movie comes in a case printed with the full title and graphics, so anyone who opens the envelope will be able to tell what it is.  If you would prefer for us to send you a plain disc without any graphics or markings please contact us.  This video is a region free Blu-ray encoded at 24 frames per second and should work in all modern Blu-ray players.  Some players and televisions may handle the 24 frams per second frame rate differently.  Fast motion may result in some strobing on some tv player combinations.


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