Accident While Being Arrested

Accident While Being Arrested
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Format- High definition MP4 video
As if being arrested isn't humiliating enough, Alisha ends up having a wetting accident in her jeans when she is placed in handcuffs.
Creeping around suspiciously at night, Alisha is confronted by officer Nikko who demands to know what she is doing.  When Alisha is unable to give a straight answer, Nikko's suspicions grow and she places her under arrest.
Unknown to Nikko at the time, Alisha is desperate to pee.  Shortly after she is placed in handcuffs, Alisha pees in her pants.  We can see the wet stain spread across her ass and down her legs.  Nikko is shocked.  She helps Alisha out of her wet jeans, giving us a revealing glimpse of her soaked blue panties.  Alisha is then hauled off to jail, still wet with her own urine.
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