Accident by the River

Accident by the River
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Format- High definition MP4 video
Both Nikko and Alisha end up peeing in their pants in this video.
Walking along the river Nikko is desperate to go pee.  She tries to go look for a place to pee, but Alisha encourages her to keep walking.  Alisha is of the opinion that if they just hurry up and walk back that Nikko will make it to a toilet.
This isn't what happened though.  Nikko can't hold on any longer and pees in her jeans.  She is extremely embarrassed that she had an accident.
To help Nikko feel better, Alisha intentionally pees in her pants.  Watching Alisha wet her pants only turns Nikko on though.  Nikko kisses Alisha and the two make out for a while.  They continue their walk home, now wearing wet pants.
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