Alisha Needs the Bathroom

Alisha Needs the Bathroom
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Format- High definition MP4 video
Watch Alisha as she desperately tries not to have an embarrassing wetting accident in this video.
Alisha needs to use the bathroom, but the door is locked.  Sosha and Carly are in the bathroom taking a shower together.  They could care less that Alisha is in the hallway desperate to pee.
You can clearly see in the video that Alisha is absolutely bursting.  She has her legs squeezed tight together and her hands pressed firmly into her crotch.  It doesn't look like she can hold on much longer, and indeed, she can't.  An eruption of urine explodes from her shorts and flows down her legs.
Alisha is embarrassed and upset with Sosha and Carly.  She is mad that they ignored her when she begged for the door to be unlocked.  At the end of the video Alisha walks away, ashamed, to change into dry clothes.
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