Alisha Tied Up on the Floor

Alisha Tied Up on the Floor
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Format - High Defintion MP4
Wearing only a tiny pair of panties, Alisha is tied up and left on the floor.
In this simple bondage induced wetting video we get to see Alisha as she grows more and more desperate to pee.  With her hands and feet tied up she limited in her mobility.  All she can do is squirm around on the floor.  We get to watch from multiple camera angles has her desperation becomes more severe.
Finally she can't hold it any longer and pees through her panties.  The camera moves in for a close up as the wetness explodes the fabric of her underwear.  She is lying face down on the floor and the urine forms a puddle underneath her.  After she has finished peeing we get a few more shots of her, still tied up, only now soaking wet.
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